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CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic

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About us

CFT is a system provider for dedusting and ventilation technology. From project planning and design to the point of assembly and services CFT has high-quality and innovative solutions available.

The range of products comprises dry-type dedusters, scrubbers as
well as appropriate fans.

Furthermore CFT distributes products of well-known companies to complete the range of ventilation products, for example ventilation pipes, systems for cooling and heating of mine air and gas exhaustion units.

CFT dedusting systems operate efficiently and economically:
primarily in underground operation of mining and tunnelling, in the primary industry of surface or raw materials processing, during the transfer of bulk solids, in the recycling industry, during refurbishment of temporary tunnels sites.

Products and services

• Wet-type and Dry-type Dedusting Plants for Mining and Tunnelling

• Dry Cuttings Extraction Systems

• Heating and Cooling Units for Mine Ventilation

• Ventilation Technology and Engineering

• Ventilation Equipment

• Spiral and Flat Ducts

• Mine Gas Extraction Systems

• Dust and Gas Filter for Road Tunnels

• Trading Business for Primary Industry

CFT-dry-type Dedusting Plant integrated in a Chinese TBM

CFT-dry-type Dedusting Plant integrated in a Chinese TBM

CFT-wet-type Dedusting Plant in a Chinese Coal Mine

CFT-wet-type Dedusting Plant in a Chinese Coal Mine

This picture shows a wet-dype dedusting plant in a chinese coal mine. The dedusting unit is installed on the conveyor belt construction.

CFT-wet-type Dedusting Plant integrated in a Chinese Road Header

CFT-wet-type Dedusting Plant integrated in a Chinese Road Header

This wet-type dedusting unit is integrated in a chinese road header (type: TSM 260).

News & Innovations

Dry Cuttings Extraction System 

On drilling boreholes by means of rotary and/or percussion drilling water is preferably used to flush out the cuttings. On various applications this process has to be carried out with compressed air – so called ‘dry drilling’.
In order that the cuttings create no emissions they must be collected by extraction and separated.

For this purpose CFT GmbH has developed an extreme high-performance dry cuttings extraction system which is patented and stands out due to the application of a high-effective rotary piston fan for generation of
underpressure as well as a compact element filter suitable for the achievement of the MAC provisions permitted underground.

While applying a CFT dry cuttings extraction system we guarantee you an almost complete collection of cuttings. There are extremely strict statutory provisions for underground applications. The value for residual dust of the filter system is still lower as per specifications for legal clean air recirculation.


CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic
Beisenstr. 39–41
45964 Gladbeck

Phone: +49 2043 48110
Fax: +49 2043 4811900

Corinna Both
Phone: +49 2043 48110

CFT GmbH Beijing Office
Anyuan Bldg Room 707, Qingniangou Street 23
100013 Beijing
P. R. China

Phone: +86 108 4283289
Fax: +86 108 4283289

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