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PSI receives Final Acceptance for Mining Control System from Shendong

PSI subsidiary PSI Mines&Roads GmbH received the final acceptance for the monitoring, supervision and control system PSImining (mining SCADA) from Shendong. Shendong is a 100% subsidiary of Shenhua Group Corporation Limited. Shenhua Group is the largest coal-producing company in China with more than 440 million tons of annual production. PSImining is the first system worldwide which integrates all automation subsystem in superior SCADA-system thus introducing Industry 4.0 concepts into the mining business. PSImining represents the first "Digital Mine". After the recovery of commodity prices, PSI is now working on closing further large PSImining contracts.

In a large software project the Level-3-SCADA PSImining was adopted and extended to integrate 31 automation subsystems into one single SCADA. Goals were to achieve a common data-model for the entire mining operation, do high-level supervision and automation by combining data from different automated systems and to generate one single human interface for the four mines of the Daliuta area (China, Inner Mongolia). The mines controlled by PSImining produce 100 million tons of coal, mainly for power plants. The controlled and supervised area covers more than 600 square metres of operation. This area includes the coal-faces and all tunneling for material transportation and supply for the four mines.

All four mines are now controlled by more than 25 operator places and 40 technical workplaces in the offices (JAVA-clients). There is one central control room with 3 Large-Screen-Displays offering a complete graphical view to all automation-subsystems involved in the production operation. PSImining and the entire project around it will be the core-pillars for future optimisation of the operation and modernisation of the production. PSImining contributes considerably to the realisation of Industry 4.0-concepts in the mining industry.

Exhibitor: PSI Information Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

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